Amchi Mumbai Misal Pav

I have been very lucky to have friends who have a similar ‘food wavelength’ as mine. What can I say we all love food!! Me and my roommates have this thing where every weekend one of us cooks food for the rest. Its awesome fun eating together!! Neha, my roommate decided to make Misal Pav- so for all you guys who don’t know what Misal Pav is- Its a spicy curry (of course its spicy!) made with sprouted lentils called ‘Matki‘ (Moth beans). Its served with onions, lemon and cilantro. Also the Misal (curry) is topped with ‘Farsan‘ or ‘chiwda’. And you have this curry with bread (pav) toasted with butter. I am drooling just writing about it.

So we wanted to make everything the traditional way; just like how our moms make it back home. We kept the moth beans to sprout for a long time. And by that I mean that it took a week! The weather here is so cold and dry here that the beans did not sprout for that long. It was all worth it at the end though. Five of us together had so many pavs in one meal. Thoroughly enjoyed the laboring over the Misal Pav. More like ‘Missile pav’!

I suggest you guys to try it at least once in your life. Its totally awesome!!

For recipes:



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