Oh, you little thing, you inspire me..

As a part of growing up, I liked the little things to inspire me in a way that the vital ones didn’t. A kind act by someone (not necessarily for me) or even someone sharing an article they read. It makes you believe that people do think about you in the day and that you did make a difference to them. I am quite self motivated and usually don’t get dispirited. I take delight in bringing energy among a group of people I am a part of. I appreciate every deed a person has done for me. Although I do want to learn how to be less critical of a person or a situation and see the light behind it.

I really enjoy my ride to work. There is something about early mornings, the fresh air even if its so damn cold! I like seeing the roads, shops by the side, slowly getting busy. I enjoy seeing little children being dropped off to the school bus by their parents. Something about the mornings also inspires me to do better, do much  more than I can. Sipping a warm cup of coffee, listening to music; I mentally make a to-do list for myself. I feel like the coffee helps register things better.

My recent inspiration has been travelling and being on the road. It has given me time for myself and also helped me enjoy food of different styles and people of different kinds. Good food and good conversations are my fuel for life. Whenever I feel down, I read. I enjoy playing with my never ending collection of stationary. So I write back home to my family and friends. It makes a difference to me and to them. My friends from India have told me that my posts have reached them at the correct time or when they were least expecting it. It makes me so happy.

The most trivial things help you to make so much sense of every situation. I bask in the joy of somehow knowing it all (at least I feel I do). Doesn’t everyone want to feel that way? I suggest you give importance to the less valued things, emotions and gestures. It makes life simpler and gives you an edge. Then you start noticing that people around do appreciate you for it.

Someday I want to be a person who is strong emotionally and who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I want to make a difference in multiple lives. Motivate them when they need me the most. I want to move forward and take all my loved ones with me.

Have you made a difference today or changed anyone’s life?


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  1. Bhanu · February 2, 2015

    Big Question in the end…


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