New Hair Faves

Let me start by saying, I am not much of a hair care kind of person. But after looking at this new line of products that deliver what they claim, I’m hooked!

I recently read a post on Kristin Ess’ product line at target. Honestly, I never walk thru the hair care aisles at target. It’s also coz I keep looking at what’s new in the drugstore beauty aisles.

I read a few posts about her line and saw that people really loved her products. So I went in and purchased the leave- in conditioner, the blow dry mist and the soft matte pomade. I should tell you that I am really impressed! The leave-in conditioner smells so refreshing and reduces frizz in my hair. It’s just a simple product that works!


The blow dry mist reduces drying time from like an hour to 10 minutes for my thick Indian hair. I use it along with my T3 Cura hair dryer; usually the night before to optimize my time in the morning. A little goes a LONG way with this mist.

I apply the soft matte pomade after I’ve styled my hair using hot tools or otherwise. I use it to curb my baby/ frizzy hair and smooth it out. It smells great and gives it this matte appearance that I like. The styling lasts for a while with this product. I notice that I just have to apply the one signature hair water to revive the styling from the night before and voila! It is fresh again. That’s what the hair water does with a little bit of tszuj; making your hair less flat.


My hair is wavy/curly with lose curls if I let it air dry. But it does look frizzy if I don’t apply any product to it. So if I am feeling lazy, I’ll start with a little bit of the leave-in conditioner throughout my hair after I towel dry. I follow up with the air dry crème and kind of scrunch them once my natural curls start to form. Then I apply 2 pumps of the working serum throughout my hair to seal it all in. This definitely does the trick; my hair is shinier and looks like I made an effort 🙂

I would definitely recommend trying some of her products if you haven’t already. Her dry styling and finishing collection also  have good reviews and I will be trying more from this line for sure! Let me know in the comments below if you guys have tried any!


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