Things I learned from 2014

I know I haven’t blogged for a while now. But it’s been a crazy couple of weeks; getting back to routine, trying to prioritize important things. I have dedicated this year to Career and Fitness. I know it sounds lame but I am going to do it anyway. As an International student here, getting a job, a work visa is very challenging and I do see a big chunk of people struggle everyday with this issue. But, we stay strong and get through it.

So last year, I dedicated myself to learning how much ever I could at work; enough to apply for jobs out there. Of course learning is a daily decision, so I try to imbibe how much ever I can. I have been frustrated with the job hunt. Though it has only made me more confident to know what I really want and what I really deserve. In my opinion, giving interviews is a great experience.

All my friends tell me that I look way better than I did a couple of years ago, where I was skinny and looked a little malnourished. The truth is, I stopped my bad habits and started eating more. More, obviously didn’t mean it was healthy. I gained my appetite back but it wasn’t in a good way. So I think this year needs to be about my health and earning some money (more like saving some money).

I see so many of my classmates from undergrad, tying the knot. I guess everyone is finding “the one” to be doing that. I don’t see myself getting married for a few years from now. There is so much to be done before that. Marriage needs dedication and hard work. Its not like I can’t do both but its just not the right time for me. Luckily, I don’t feel the pressure looking at other people going on this journey.

After a long time I feel happy and satisfied with myself. I don’t generally feel stressed anymore (big achievement for me considering I used to be the stress queen). 2014 taught me how worrying about unimportant things and people isn’t worth it. People who don’t matter left anyway. People who stayed always mattered. I feel proud to say that I just have a handful of ‘real’ friends who don’t pretend like the ‘fake’ ones did.

I realized I was surrounded by people who pulled me down. They were a negative impact on my life which was already complicated. Its important to understand that at some point you need to leave them behind and move forward. Of course you need your folks around you, that doesn’t mean you put up with their crap. I learned to let go! A very big lesson for me.

This is year I will learn to forgive and hopefully learn to forget. I have a lot to learn, lot to achieve this year. I hope you guys are dreaming big too. Because I know 2015 is going to be amazing! At least way better than 2014.

Dream Big and Achieve Bigger!



  1. Bhanu · February 2, 2015

    Indeed dream big and work towards reaching it. Nice write up.


  2. Bhanu · February 2, 2015

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