The universe finds ways and means to upset us through actions, words and emotions.

I found myself longing for comfort like home, like my family which was 10,000 miles away. Life seemed meaningless and mysterious at the same time. I thought comfort was a person, it was in his actions towards me. I thought comfort was food or a cozy blanket, a shower or even sleep. Comfort was lost in believing that it is materialistic. I was rigid, I was upset.

Today, it is a state of mind, a moment in the day when I believe I am okay, I am loved, I am respected. Today I am strong, I have direction. Today I am alone and not lonely. Today I have forgotten my past, forgiven my regrets, embraced myself with a blanket called comfort. I am comfortable with who I am and who I will be.

Comfort: She is freedom from pain, ease from grief; she is solace.



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