Sibling Love

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We always have that one friend who never leaves. The one who stays through all your idiosyncrasies. The one who protects and shelters through tough times. For me, this person is my sister: My one and only. She is the one who has always been with me, through the darkest of days.


I was a typical teenager: rebellious, the one who thought she knew everything there is to know. Sometimes disrespected my parents by doing exactly the opposite of what they told me to. I always wanted to do things my parents would say no to, just to irk them. Obviously, I was going through my teens. Some may say teens might not even be humans. I do agree a little bit. I was horrible myself. But through all of this; sneaking outside the house, giving me her pocket money, standing up for me, my sister has always been there for me. And I know, that I have ALWAYS taken this fact for granted.


There have been times when I have disrespected her in public, only to make her feel bad about herself. When I think about it now I feel pathetic about the person I was to her. Being the older one, I should’ve protected her, been there for her. Now that we are adults, we are much closer than we were before. This is because I left home to be in the US, and distance made our hearts grow fonder. I am really lucky my sister stuck around to know me better, even though I wasn’t around much for her. I definitely am lucky to see the kind of person she turned out to become. I feel like I never really influenced much of her life. But it is great that she became her own person. The values and the standards she has set for herself are distinguished. I love her very much.


If your sibling is estranged for some reason, reach out to them today, let them know that you still care. For every human, it is important to have that sense of belonging; whether it is family, a loved one or even a friend. You already have that friend, embrace them without question. Understand that, no two people are the same. The differences fuel the fire to move forward and why not take your sibling with you on this journey you can enjoy together? Some things I can never change about my sister, but the important qualities I would never like to change.

Food cooked close to home :)

This is my first post as a blogger; and so I thought what could be better than writing about food first. Me and my friends always like to try out new restaurants, ice cream parlors, frozen yogurt places or may be even state parks with some barbecue and grilling outdoors. We usually Yelp these kinda things and check for 4-5 ‘star’ ratings. (We rate places ourselves too!).

On Wednesday, we decided to go for dinner next day. As usual we ‘yelped’ it. This time the craving was for Indian food. My friend had suggested this place called ‘Indus Grill’ some time ago. It is a recently opened restaurant with 4-star ratings.

Let me tell you about Indus grill — It’s a really small, little place with 6-8 tables (each has two chairs, that’s all!). Also it smells like a typical Indian kitchen full of spices. Mmmm… So we started off with some Beef chapli, Chicken Seekh Kabab, Chicken Tikka. For the main course we ordered the Peshawari Karahi, Ginger Chicken, Mughlai Korma, Chicken Biryani, Veggie Biryani, Gobi Aloo and Bhindi Masala (Not to scare you with this never ending list, but this was for 7 people :P) All of this topped with excellent Indian breads- Chicken Keema Naan, Tandoori Roti and Garlic Naan. When I took my first bite of the food, it was as though I literally went back home. Every dish was as tasty as the other. So the best part about the food -less oil, doesn’t fill you up because of its heaviness. We guys ate continuously without a word for two hours. For dessert we had Gulab Jamun and Firni; which were also very good (Seems like I can’t stop raving about this place).

The people were warm and service was really good. As it’s a small family owned restaurant they serve you with humility and warmth. I enjoyed every bit of my evening with my friends and some really good food.

Me with the Indus grill team!

Me with the Indus grill team!

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani

Peshawari Karahi with Chicken Keema Naan

Peshawari Karahi with Chicken Keema Naan

P.S.: The place is BYOB (Its like a cherry on the cake).

If you live in Highland Park and are up for some Indian food:

Indus Grill:

Only delivers in Highland park (You can always call for pick-up).